Dutch for someone who doesn't adjust to the rules of society.

Nozem is Raoul Koning from the Netherlands. His studio is close to the Vondelpark, a park in the center of Amsterdam that used to be a meeting place for the counterculture in the 50's to the 70's. Because of this he thought it was a good idea to name this psychedelic techno (or techhouse, progressive house, trance or whatever you want to call it) project 'Nozem'. The music might not be real counterculture music but it certainly isn't mainstream pop...

White noise in C major: In this first ep he is trying to blend different genres in one: technoish rhythms and structures combined with psytrancy sounds and melodies. It started out as an experiment to see what psytrance basses will sound like on lower tempos and how much groove can be added by lowering the tempo. What started as an experiment became a four track ep. After laying on the digital shelf for a while it was time to release them for free on the web to make sure they find their way to the dancefloor.

As a dj he tries to blend the slower psychedelic tracks with more techno/ techhouse orientated stuff. He bpm is focused around 128 bpm and the vibe is going from laidback relax & funky to more active psychedelic tuneage.

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